Red Again/Antigone Project (2004)

By Chiori Miyagawa
Directed by Barbara Rubin

In association with Women’s Project
Julia Miles Theater

Miyagawa’s supernatural Red Again digs into the meat of the source material: its sense of the human values as risk under tyranny. -Time Out New York

Miyagawa’s sweep…is devastating and breathtaking: she turns a story about one thing into a story about everything.”


Photography by Charles T. Erickson

About the production

Concived by Chiori Miyagwa and sabrina Peck, Antigone Project is the production presneted by Womne’s Project in association wiht Crossing Jamaica Avenue. Antigone Project is a collboration of 5-award-winning writes. Hang Ten
by Karen Hartman, directed by Anne Kauffman, Medallion by Tanya Barfield, directed by Dana Iris Harrel,
Antigone Arke by Caridad Svich, directed by Annie Dorsen, Stone’s Throw
by Lynn Nottage, directed by Liesl Tommy, and Red Again by Chiori Miyagawa, directed by Barbara Rubin

Production Credits for Antigone Project

Red Again
Playwright: Chiori Miyagawa
Director: Barbara Rubin
Antigone Project
Actors: Joey Collins, Angel Desai, Jeanine Serralles DeSean Terry, Tracie Thoms, April Yvette Thompson
Set design: Rachel Hauck
Costume design: Elizabeth Hope Clancy
Lighting design: Sarah Sidman
Sound: Rob Kaplowitz
Projections: Nick Schwarts-Hall