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CJA’s Statement

Over the past 20 years, Crossing Jamaica Avenue, led by an Asian Artistic Director, has brought innovative theatrical performances that fuse Western and Eastern theater techniques, aesthetics, stories, and cultures to our New York City community. We create by exploring together and learning from our collaborators and audiences.

In this current climate of escalated political and social divisiveness and hate, CJA is committed now more than ever to bridging different cultures and traditions together and showcasing the often hidden voices of minorities through theater. As an arts organization and a member of the New York City community, we will continue to highlight our core values and bring works to audiences throughout the city and beyond!

2024 Production

MOMOTARO: In Search of a HERO 2024

MAY 5, 2024 1PM @ Japan Society NY’s Lila Acheson Wallace Theater

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CJA’s awaited show is back
We are thrilled to announce the return of “MOMOTARO: In Search of a Hero 2024,” the modern rendition of the beloved tale inspired by the Japanese folk tale, which captivated audiences at the Japan Society’s “Children’s Day” since 2017. After a hiatus due to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, this enchanting production is set to grace the stage once again!

During the cancellation of live performances, “MOMOTARO: In Search of a Hero” found new life in 2020 with a widely acclaimed YouTube release under “Theater To Go (TCC),” amassing over 24,000 views. Now, after much anticipation, we are delighted to bring back the magic of live theater.

Join us for an immersive interactive stage experience for both adults and kids. Through music, dance, song, and storytelling, let’s transport the theater space to a world where heroes are forged and adventures await.
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The Door Opens

CJA’s works from 2000 to 2021

Production & Projects

CJA’s 3rd Theater To Go project

Star Festival:The Nighthawk Star (Yodaka no Hoshi)

A timeless tale about a misfit bird whose journey to escape leads to an otherworldly transformation.

Message from the director
I have been drawn to this story since I first read it as an elementary school student in Japan — the magical journey of a misfit bird. When setting out to direct this tale, I was particularly interested in breaking Miyazawa’s words down to their true essence to explore the story’s meaning, which I am learning through this process can be interpreted in many fascinating ways. Having lived through a global pandemic and societal unrest this past year, I look forward to letting this bird fly in New York City and listening to the call of the Nighthawk with you.-Sonoko Kawahara
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2020 STAR FESTIVAL: Tanabata Story in Zoom

Let’s explore the world of Tanabata together!

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MOMOTARO: In Search of a HERO-2020 Theater To Go version

MOMOTARO 動画の日本語対訳 PDFダウンロードはここをクリックして下さい

Sing & Dance with MOMOTARO performers and thier friends

Children’s Special

MOMOTARO: In Search of A Hero On Stage

@ at Japan Society NY’s Lila Acheson Wallace Theater

a cross-cultural gender-bending heroic tale based on the famed Japanese story Momotaro “Peach Boy”. This production includes live music and dance and employs the Japanese theatrical technique “Tayu” where the narrator and actor roles are separate.
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Women In Yeats at 47 Great Jones St.

Site-specific presentation of At the Hawk’s Well & The Only Jealousy of Emer

Written by W.B. Yeats

photos by Keiichiro Hoashi

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Deadly-She Wolf Assassin At Armageddon!


OTHER PRODUCTIONS presented in association with Japan Society NY