Star Festival: Tanabata Stories in Zoom

Conceived, co-written, and directed by Sonoko Kawahara
Co-written by Leah Nanako Winkler

Let’s explore the world of Tanabata together!

Crossing Jamaica Avenue (CJA) presents its second “THEATER To Go” piece! A newly created storytelling project filled with audience participation. Enjoy this exciting interactive theatrical experience from your home.

STAR FESTIVAL: Tanabata Story is a 15-minute interactive theatrical experience. This project aims to expand the possibility of online theater. Each audience member participates in the show as a unique constellation, creating an enchanting universe.

We can go anywhere at any time!

Let us know if you are interested in bringing the Star Festival to your classroom, your circle of friends, or a digital party.
*** A PC Zoom account is required for this interactive experience.
*** We will send you a constellation photo and a Zoom link on the day of the show and ask you to change your profile picture to the star image.
*** Please note that the audience will be encouraged to turn their videos on and show their face at one point during the show.
2020 STAR FESTIVAL:Tanabata Story Your Zoom Account Preparation Guide


Thank you very much for inviting us to the “Thank you ZOOM” from Japan.

The 2G classroom who joined our show from Japan created “Thank you ZOOM” by themselves and invtied our createive team in NYC!

Artists & Creative team
Storyteller & Vocals / Asuka Morinaga
Orihime & Vocals / Kiyo Takami
Music director & Piano / Fumi Tanakadate
Music & Shakuhachi / Mas Koga
(appearance in the stage pictures)
Star King, Star Fairly / Marina Celander and Hikoboshi / Gen Parton Shin

Director & Slideshow / Sonoko Kawahara
Adapted from the original text by Leah Nanako Winkler
Production Manager / Sachiko Ninomiya

June and July in 2019

Asuka Morinaga