Tomoko Tokugaki

Tomoko Tokugaki (Monkey/Ojiisan/Singer2)
Tomoko has been performing in the US and Japan for over 35 years. When she was a young student, she saw the kid’s musical of MOMOTARO in Japan, and from that point, she knew she wanted to be an actor someday. She has performed in the musical: “Annie Get Your Gun” (Winne); “The Wedding Singer” (Linda); “Godspell”; “42nd Street”; “SEMPO”; “Elisabeth”; Mozart, the play: “Hedda Gabler” (Hedda Gabler); “Nogikunohaka” (Tamiko); “The Kitchen”; “Pericles”; “The Lady Aoi” (Nippon Experimental Theater), Publication: NIPPON-JIN(Model) and Film/TV (Oneesan, Singer, Navigator)/ Commercial (choreographer)/CD/PV/ Concert Love/Thanks to MOMOTARO family! I found my new dream right now 🙂