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CJA’s 2nd show for Japan Society Family Program

MOMOTARO (Peach Boy):A Quest of a Hero Comes from the Giant Peach

May 7 & 8, 2017 @ Japan Society Theater

See how we intercat: MOMOTARO & Students from NYC schools

From our first family show for Japan Society Family Program in last summer

TANABATA: Japan’s Star Festival

July 10, 2-4 PM, 2016

Thank you for supporting and attending our 2014-15 project

Women In Yeats at 47 Great Jones St.

Site-specific presentation of
At the Hawk’s Well & The Only Jealousy of Emer

Written by W.B. Yeats

photos by Keiichiro Hoashi

If you couldn’t make it to the show, I hope you might catch it in our next phase of WIY!

Staring in 2016, we are already working hard toward our next project, a development of

The Vermonia Proejct (working title)

Original story by YoYo

Stage adaptation by Sonoko Kawahara

Please stay tuned for updates! CJA would love to stay in touch with you.

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